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SKILLS 3D Modeling - Texturing - Rigging - Animation - Illustration -Has accumulated 35 years of freehand drawing experience Continues to build upon 14 years of Maya 3D modeling and animation experience SOFTWARE SKILLS Proficient in: - Maya - Photoshop Familiar with: Nuke - MelScript - JavaScript - Mental Ray - Mudbox - Zbrush - Premiere - Illustrator WORK EXPERIENCE Feld Entertainment - Monster Jam (August 2017 - March 2020) Graphic Designer / 3D Artist -3D Modeling, Texturing, Look Development, Lighting, Rendering - Design and create 3D models of car and truck bodies for the Monster Jam Fleet Designs are fabricated and mounted onto Monster Truck chassis for use in touring events. - Ensure 3D model measurements conform to real world design requirements. - Responsible for converting Monster Jam's 3D model library of trucks from Blender to Maya -Graphic Design - Created a wide variety of graphics packages for use across the Monster Jam Fleet. - Desgins created for Helmets, Jerseys, Crew Shirts, Fire Suits, as well as Graphics Wraps for our vehicles including ATVs, Speedsters, Haulers, Buses, and of course Monster Trucks. Stereo D Canada (December 2015 - November 2016) Stereo D Burbank (March 2014 - July 2014 and Dec 2014 - Jun 2015) Depth Artist -Used The Foundry's Nuke to create animated Depth passes - Converted 2D shots into stereoscopic sequences for theatrical release - Worked as part of a massive, international production pipeline - Used artisitc and technical ability to provide film compositing services for major film studios. - Contributed to the conversion of fifteen feature films released from 2014 through 2017 Mindlance (October 2014 - November 2014) 3D Data QA and Touchup - Client: Apple Inc. - 3D modeling touchup and Quality Assurance for Apple Maps models of the following cities: Millau, Manchester, Budapest, Clermont-Ferrand, Mayaguez, Nashville, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Ponce, Hamburg Indigo Lighting LLC (Sept 2000 - Dec 2009) Art Director / Lead Modeler / Maya Generalist - Look development for a variety of stage presentations. - Turned producer's rough sketches into high quality concept art - Created Maya Model library of professional stage lighting ?xtures for pre-visual renders. - Assisted in the production of several independent and student ?lms as a Maya Generalist. contributed to the following projects: "Knightro's Circus UCF Homecoming 2009" (Concert) - Art Director ''GP'' (Independent Film) - Maya Generalist, roto-scoping FILMOGRAPHY Stereo D Depth Artist - Contributed to the stereoscopic conversion of the following feature films: "Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D" (Distrib Films US - Feature Film - Aug 25, 2017) "Geostorm" (Warner Bros. - Feature Film - October 20, 2017) "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" (Warner Bros. - Feature Film - May 12, 2017) "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (Lucasfilm/Disney - Feature Film - December 16, 2016) "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" (Warner Bros - Feature Film - release date November 18, 2016) "Star Trek Beyond"? (Paramount- Feature Film - release date July 22, 2016) "The Big Friendly Giant (BFG)"? (Disney - Feature Film - release date July 1, 2016) "Independence Day Resurgence"? (20th Century Fox - Feature Film - release date June 22, 2016) "San Andreas" (Warner Bros - Feature Film - release date May 29, 2015) "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (Marvel/Disney - Feature Film - release date May 1, 2015) "Spongebob Squarepants 2" (Paramount - Feature Film - release date February 13, 2015) "Ant-Man" (Marvel/Disney - Feature Film - release date July 17, 2015) "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (Paramount - Feature Film - release date August 8, 2014) "Guardians of the Galaxy" (Marvel/Disney - Feature Film - release date August 1,2014) "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (20th Century Fox - Feature Film - released May 23, 2014) FREELANCE EXPERIENCE CF2 Studios (August 2000 - December 2015 & Current) Freelance 3D, Digital, and Traditional Artist - 3D Generalist, Digital Art, Concept Art, Logos, Re-branding, Advertisements - Created art assets for the following clients: VER - 3D Modeling and Model Cleanup for Previs Lighting Simulator WildBright - Digital Caricatures Principal Design Group - 3D Modeling and Product Design Man vs. Machine - 3D Modeling and Design of Robotic Character Undiscovered Live! - Concept art and airbrushed small-scale mural of logo Atkins Surgical Hearing Institute - Logos, re-branding, medical diagrams, advertisements, brochureS - Assisted the following projects: "Hello Dolly" (Theatrical) - Backdrop Painting, prop design "It's a Wonderful Life" (Theatrical) - Prop painting "Quake of the Dead" (Video) - CG Generalist ACCOMPLISHMENTS University of Central Florida May 2012 - Bachelors Degree: Visual Language (Character Animation) - Club President: UCF SIGGRAPH 2011/2012 "Flower Story" (University of Central Florida - Orlando, FL Student Film - Released 2012) - Tech Lead - Visual FX Lead - Modeling team - Render Team Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida - Associates Degree: Mass Communications - Brandon Editor of "HCC Hawkeye" (Student Newspaper) 1st Place in the Graphic Design category of the 2006 Universal Studios Orlando Employee Art Show. 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